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Residential Solar Solutions

Guaranteed power for 25 years.
Best asset investment into your home which grows every year.Claim back energy independence.Asset continues to appreciate the value of your home. Slow the cost increases of Eskom power. Safe, secure, and easy to monitor. No more load-shedding – improve security at your home. Keeping all your critical items powered

Commercial Solar Solutions

Keep your office running with state-of-the-art Solar and energy storage systems.Great investment returns which grow every year. Energy stability and business interruption prevention (from unstable grid supply) – means your business keeps running during load shedding, or load curtailment.100% depreciation in year 1 – great tax saving incentive.

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Amazing returns. Safe investment opportunities with great returns. Helping farmers and the agricultural industry to take their power back. Solar agriculture is offering a way to reform farming: make energy use more efficient, enhance capabilities, and increase productivity – from irrigation, packing, or drying/cooling of produce.

Water Purification Solutions

Non-potable to potable.
Grey water and blackwater treatment for reuse.
Specialize in: Agri-processing, Irrigation, and Green/Brownfields projects. Water and energy reticulation design – from conception We ensure that the water and energy costs derived from irrigation, food processing are controlled, and future mitigation plans are incorporated into the design. Speak to one of our executive team for options available specific to water transfer, food processing, and irrigation options.

Cape Town’s

Solar PV Experts

Resurgence Technologies are proud leaders in Solar PV and Energy Storage, we offer expert assessments by our professional consultants which will yield the best reliable solutions that will meet your current and future needs. Over 1 gigawatt of management experience. Specialized designs that provide exact capabilities of your system and visual design overview of how your system will be seen on your home, business, or farm. Our qualified teams provide a professional and compliant installation. We are registered, electrical contractors.Detailed online user-friendly monitoring on all systems

Increased Energy Efficiency

Solar PV is the way of the future, harnessing the suns energy providing an effective and reliable energy source that will not only save you money but also benefit the planet burning fewer fossil fuels.

Quality Products

Resurgence Technologies prides itself in using only the highest quality products from around the globe. We do the due diligence and research and development to provide you with peace of mind.Great product warranties on all products provided. Excellent monitoring systems so that you and our team, can see exactly what is happening at all times.

Sunshine is free – Lowers your carbon footprint – Safer and healthier – Efficient

Solar energy is carbon neutral and ecologically acceptable.

Expanding solar power is essential to meet climate goals

Public land is greatly expanding the renewable energy supply.

Why Solar Matters.

Not only is it cheaper than conventional coal or nuclear, it is the power source that allows the end user of power (home, business or farm, take their power back. You get to minimise the impact of escalating electricity prices, thereby giving you the edge. Including premium energy storage systems (i.e. Lithium Ion) gives you even greater control and stops grid instability in its tracks.In many countries (like Zimbabwe and South Africa), taking control of your power source is becoming a priority due to poor maintenance of national grids. Solar PV, when incorporating energy storage systems or standby power, allows business and life to continuing. At the same time, you save on fast-increasing electricity tariffs and make an investment, that few can match due to very low risk. Solar PV is one of the best returns, lowest risk investments available today. Plus, your asset lies with you, under your control, and its fuel is free. South Africa has a failing parastatal energy provision. The infrastructure is failing due to a lack of proper maintenance and government overspending on all new and old generation plants. South Africans must keep businesses and homes powered for safety and security, revenue protection, productivity, and efficiency. Plus, we are never told the full truth of the turmoil that exists. The proof lies in the rampant double-digit price increases, which extend far above the inflation index. Solar PV is a no brainer.
As for other 1st world countries that have a forward-thinking environmental policy, solar is a fantastic way to provide solar not only for self-use but also to export power back into the grid generating income for yourself.
And lastly to the benefit of our planet, decreasing our carbon footprint, burning fewer fossil fuels in order to keep up with the demand for power. Creating a more sustainable platform that is less harmful to our planet. Solar is the way of the future for powering our homes, businesses, and vehicles.

Please note any system requires proper design and an understanding of your energy consumption as well as your critical requirements. We are geared to guide you to the right solution for you according to your budgetary requirements and on-site installation requirements)