Considering the increases in electricity prices in South Africa over the last number of years, adding Solar panels to your home is a very good investment.

We furthermore know that the next couple of years will incur most probably double-digit increases (for 2021/2022) after NERSA lost the recent lawsuit filed by Eskom. Eskom may now reclaim R69 billion via tariff increases.

Independence is therefore becoming an imperative and Solar is the way to gain such independence.

When properly designed and installed, your solar panel system provides you with a 25-year generation warranty. In your first year, you can produce 97.5 % + of the production forecasted from design, and in year 25, you will still be able to produce 80% of what your production was in the first year.

This is phenomenal, if you think about the amount of energy that you will produce over a twenty-five-year period.

Solar for any home has the best LCoE (levelized cost of electricity). What you are doing, is essentially hedging against Eskom tariff increases by fixing your cost of electricity now for the next 25 years.

In addition to controlling costs, you increase the desirability of the home for future resales and add value to the home.

Including storage, you can mitigate the effect of load shedding or load curtailment as well. Solar is a relatively low on maintenance with cleaning a panels a couple of times a year.

Adding lithium storage to systems can also

provide higher consumption for clients. Meaning the clients can install larger solar systems, store excess power in batteries and utilise that energy during night-time.

You can also keep reserve storage over for load shedding. This type of system provides clients with ease of mind, ensuring that all their critical equipment will run during power outages including items like internet/camera and alarm systems.

Last but by no means least, Solar allows you the ability to help the environment by saving on carbon emissions. This is not the primary reason, but it remains a significant value add.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you today, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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