1. Back-Up Solution
  2. Solar Ready Solution 
  3. Grid Tied Solution
  4. Grid Tied Hybrid Solution
  5. Semi-Off Grid Solution 
  6. Off-Grid Solution 

Please note:  Any system requires a proper design and an understanding of your energy consumption as well as your critical requirements. We are geared to guide you to the right solution for you, according to your budgetary requirements and on-site installation requirements. 

Back-Up Solution

This solution purely provides back-up power supply to critical devices (e.g. lights, internet, alarms etc) determined by our clients for load shedding periods or to mitigate longer outage periods. 


  • Ability to keep critical equipment like lights, fridge, internet or other items specified by client running during load shedding periods. Period of power outage time requirement is supplied by client based on their load.
  • Goodbye to load-shedding – life continues as per nearly normal.


  • System is not as easy to upgrade.  Advise our sales team should you want to incorporate Solar later.  Refer to Solar Ready Solution.

Solar Ready Solution 

This is a system that can provide for critical loads as in a back-up system however it is already planned to be expandable to include Solar generation. This means that in future, you can easily add on Solar Panel (modules) to generate your own power as well.  


  • This system provides immediate back-up supply for critical loads during load-shedding and can easily be expanded to include solar generation for cost savings.


  • Initially will provide backup, but will not help you save money on your electricity account

Grid-Tied Solution 

This solution produces solar power to compliment your usage that you are procuring from your municipality/Eskom. This system can also be set up to export energy back into the grid. 


  • The system replaces a certain proportion of energy usage previously procured from ESKOM or Municipality
  • You can potentially export energy for a credit.  This varies from municipality to municipality.  


  • Grid tied inverters don’t typically manage storage.  Should you want to incorporate storage, see Grid Tied Hybrid solution or Semi-Off Grid solution.
  • Municipalities can change the feed-in tariff annually, which means that you are not guaranteed to increase your credit value with the municipality and you are not guaranteed that they will keep the feed-in tariff running.
  • No storage means no backup for load-shedding or other outages (breakdowns) 

Hybrid Solution 

This system is a combination of Solar generation, power from municipality and stored power from state of the art premium battery technologies. 


  • One can utilise this system to extend your self-consumption of your own energy generated and provide back-up to your critical loads. 
  • Another feature is that while grid is present you can produce Solar energy to your critical and non-critical power users.
  • Batteries can be programmed to have a certain level for standby power, for times of power outages which allow your critical loads to run.
  • If there are any power outages during the day, your solar will continue to generate at the same time as you use your battery power to supply your critical loads.


  • Limited on expansion opportunities.  Not as easy to move to a semi-off grid, or an off-grid solution without replacement of certain equipment (i.e. inverter)

Semi Off Grid Solution 

This system is a specific design to help clients that would like to replace substantially more of their own power through renewables. 


  • It is easy to move from a Semi Off Grid System to a completely Off Grid solution as your budget allows.  (i.e. increase solar generation and increase storage)
  • Grid is there still as a backup power source.
  • Far greater savings and investment opportunity.
  • Far greater independence and peace of mind.


  • None that we can think of.

Off-Grid Solution 

This solution allows you to provide all of your energy needs directly from a combination of solar generation, energy storage and backup (traditionally a independent gas or fuel based generator) for those very bad weather days. 


  • Complete energy independence including no more fixed grid costs.


  • Not all solutions incorporate redundancy.  Speak to our sales representative regarding specific project risks.