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What is Turnkey?

Turnkey Specialists- Project development, Legal and compliance, engineering and design, procurement, and installation. From start to end, we provide piece of mind.


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Rooftop, Carport and Ground mount Specialists

Residential Solar Solutions

Commercial & Agricultural Solar Solutions


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Exceeding 1GW (1000 MW) of management experience with:

Project Development/Engineering/Procurement/Construction and Project Financing.

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Helping businesses and farmers in taking their power back.

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What You Get

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Eskom & 2021 Tariffs Explained

For years, we have been hearing about ESKOM wanting its actual costs reflected in the tariffs they apply for from NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa). Furthermore, each year we get to how NERSA does not grant ESKOM these tariff increases. This is a...

Eskom- Outlook

RE: THREE MONTH ESKOM FORECAST It is apparent that Eskom themselves are aware that there is “likely risk scenario” of load-shedding for the next three months (see above chart).  Not only is it likely but it is also planned for.  So, how can this be? ...

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