Why Use Solar Energy?

What does installation look like?

Resurge Energy does all the heavy lifting, so you can sit back without worry. We’ll install your panels quickly and easily.

What is the solar rebate in South Africa?

Feed-in Tariffs in SA
Through the day when your solar panels are producing electricity and no one is at home to use it, the excess power will flow onto the shared energy network. In return, you will receive what’s known as a ‘feed-in tariff’ – a rebate of around 10 to 23 cents for each kWh of electricity exported.

Accelerated Depreciation?

From 1 January 2016, a little-known amendment to Section 12B of the Income Tax Act (Act 58 of 1996) allows for depreciation in the year of commissioning of the full (100%) cost of a grid-tied solar PV system of less than 1 MW used for electricity generation by a business in the course of its operations.
The capital depreciation allowances for solar PV systems greater than 1 MW remained unchanged in the January 2016 amendment to the legislation, which continues to allow full depreciation over three years. This permits depreciation of 50% of the capital cost in the year of commissioning, 30% in the subsequent year, and 20% in the third year.The accelerated depreciation allowance for solar PV systems applies whether they are installed for the business by contractors or developers, or paid for by the business in a credit sale agreement (as defined in Section 1 of the Value-Added Tax Act) – either upfront in a single payment or in multiple payments over an extended period.
The cost of the solar PV system allowed for accelerated depreciation includes its full direct capital cost, including design and engineering, project planning, delivery, foundations and whether paid for upfront after commissioning, or in multiple payments over an extended period, the benefits of this tax incentive to business owners particularly for solar PV systems of less than 1 MW, are significant.
Where the company tax rate is 28% and payment is upfront, a 100% tax-deductible depreciation allowance in the year of installation and-deductible depreciation allowance in the year of installation and commissioning will result in a 28% net discount on the purchase price of the system at the end of the tax year
This significantly affects and reduces the payback period of a solar PV project of less than 1 MW.

Let’s Talk Money?

Alright, so how much do solar panels cost?

We’re glad you asked. We’re happy to provide an estimate, based on location, type of panel, and number of panels.

At the end of the day, you're going to have to pay for energy.

Whether you pay your utility for energy, or decide to front the cost to install solar panels, you’re going to pay for energy. Why not invest in your energy, rather than pay for it?

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