Andre De Ruyter, the current CEO of ESKOM spoke at PSF’s “Think Big” series on the 24th November 2020, where he warned that the utility’s power generation crise would continue as long the government failed to permit it to procure more electricity from Independent Power Producers. De Ryter indicated that they required more that the 11800 megawatt (MW) recently gazetted in the Ministerial Determination.

De Ruyter then went on to explain that 6000 MW of the 11800 MW would need to made up of wind and Solar.  According to De Ruyter, the issues with wind and solar being that the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine.

De Ruyter further expounded that they need to decommission between 8-12 gigawatt of coal-fired electricity as the plants have become too old to operate.

The fact remains that Eskom is plagued by a history of breakdowns due to poor maintenance.  It is also broke. De Ruyter has admitted themselves that they simply don’t have the money or the balance sheet.

What boggled my mind, having been in renewable energy for the past 8 years, is how they have failed to see how the people of this country could become part of the solution.  If each household, would put up some solar and some storage along with businesses, we would be able to help Eskom with their woes.  Instead, they want to remain a monopoly which simply does not work.  Imagine a country that incentivizes households and businesses to implement solar.  Well, you don’t have to imagine this at all.  A lot of countries globally have done just that, and they are all the better for doing so. 

Anyone that can leverage capital required, should simply just get on with it, and start providing more of their own energy via Solar and implement lithium energy storage for backup so continue critical functions.  We can’t wait for a monopoly to completely crumble while we stand back and watch hoping that the situation will improve.  There is no quick fix.

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